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Use the following operators to improve your search:

A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present in every row returned.
A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be present in any row returned.
An asterisk is the truncation operator. Unlike the other operators, it should be appended to the word, not prepended.
The phrase, that is enclosed in double quotes ", matches only sites that contain this phrase literally, as it was typed.

And here are some examples:

apple banana
find site descriptions that contain at least one of these words.
+apple +juice
... site descriptions must contain both words.
+apple -macintosh
... site description must have the word ``apple'' but not ``macintosh''.
... site description can have ``apple'', ``apples'', ``applesauce'', and ``applet''.
"some words"
... site description can have ``some words of wisdom'', but not ``some noise words''.

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